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Showcases the future of Australian music by combining our many cultures into music that touches the spirit.

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Come from the hidden treasures in our community and showcases our vision for a Western Sydney Sound

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Producing and Management 

Facilitating a vision and working with composition, arrangement and recording.




THE Sydney world music chamber orchestra



River is a song of hope, a moving ballad that features the diverse strings of the Orchestra and the vocals of Maria Mitar, Gambirra Illume and Shohrat Tursun - Strings: Urhu - Nicholas Ng, Horse Fiddle - Bukhu Ganburged, Violin - Salar Hs and Double Bass - Mark Szeto


I was feeling sorry for the state of the world we are in, and then my Mother died…That really took me to a place I have never experienced, the profound loss of the woman who brought me into this world. I couldn’t see it but for the first time I really felt the connection a mother and child have. I felt it and the profound loss of it’.

The 11 piece Orchestra has been assembled from artists in Western Sydney from diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds creating 'new' Australian Sacred music.

Their new work, the ‘Three Sides of Love and Death’ explores the universal themes of unconditional love and rites of passage through the stories and sacred music practices of culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse artists who make up the Orchestra and showcases the power of process, collaboration and diversity.

Featuring traditions from Aboriginal Australia, Mongolia, Uyghur, Vietnam, China (and more). A sacred Symphony for everybody!

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Our music video for our single 'River', filmed in the streets of Western Sydney.

Check out the Doco and hear the music and the moving stories behind the only Orchestra of its kind in the world! 


Shohrat Tursun Trio

A dynamic combination of ancient melodies and African rhythms woven into contemporary compositions that can only be found in Australia.

Vocalist, Shohrat Tursun, is a world renowned musician and Uyghur Bard who has traveled the world performing the hidden treasures of his culture. A seventh generation musician, Shohrat's soaring vocals and dynamic Dutar playing provides a foundation for the Trio to meld their diverse sound.

Live, they range from having the attack of a rock and roll band, to emanating the contemplative vibrations of a Sufi inspired hymn. Shohrat's voice will change your internal chemistry!

Be inspired by the sound of multicultural Australia!

FOR MORE INFO www.shohrattursuntrio.com  

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Listen to this classic Uyghur song reworked!


Blue mary

blue mary composition cross cultural


Recipients of the ARTS NSW Music Fellowship in 2007, and support act for Sean Kuti and Egypt 80 in Sydney in 2009 (Vivid Festival), Blue Mary are one of Australia’s first original tribal rock bands. Fronted by song writing duo, Producer Richard Petkovic and vocalist Maria Mitar, Blue Mary build on traditional indie rock roots to create a refreshing take on contemporary new Australian music.

Their new CD COMMON GROUND, is taking the diversity of western Sydney to the masses! It’s a reflection of their multicultural neighbourhood and their search for music that will redefine Australian mainstream music by melding rock, ceremony, spirituality and urban culture into new genres of music: tribal rock, world hip hop and sacred pop.

Linda Marr Fine Music FM presenter, “Blue Mary has successfully united the sounds of the world into moving ballads and powerful tribal laced rock. Blue Mary are the future for a diverse Australia”.


Blue Mary's Mandolin Jam video, a song that travels from Ballad to Tribal Rock!

See their energy live in concert



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I AM - a touching homage to all women. 
World pop with a big melody, acoustic guitars, harmonium and strings. Great bv's from Gerri Malla and Justine Eltakchi, with strings by Bukhu Ganburged


Worlds Collide

Electronic - Hip Hop - World Music

‘Worlds Collide’ invites the audience to move their bodies, from meditative drones and sacred African chants to full on dance beats with soaring vocals and hip hop rhymes, their music is designed to take the listener on a journey into the new sound of multicultural Australia.

Rhymes to make you think with beats to make you move!

Worlds Collide - Photo Gerrie Mifsud

Worlds Collide - Photo Gerrie Mifsud


Hip hop rhymes of Mt Druitt’s, Esky the Emcee

Acoustic world fusion of the Shohrat Tursun Trio

South Asian Underground beats of producer Coco Varma’s 'Sitar Funk'

Soaring vocals of Blue Mary’s Maria Mitar

Tribal rhythms and chant of Karifi's Yaw Derkyi

All under the direction of music producer and composer Richard Petkovic


Karifi and the African Union Dancers

Karifi are a Ghanaian drumming and dance ensemble. The real thing! 

Karifi showcase the diverse cultures of Ghana, authentic drumming, chant, dance and RITUALS. A non stop powerful display of culture. The real thing!


Photo - Gerrie Mifsud

Video Doco

Sydney Sacred Music Festival Compilation CD

The Sydney Sacred Music Festival showcases Ceremony, Sound and Art every September throughout different venues and community spaces across Sydney.

This CD features 14 tracks from Aboriginal Australia to Mongolia, from ancient Uyghur culture to Sacred Pop fusions.

Featuring Riley Lee; IndiaJiva; Tenzin Choegyal; Heather Lee; Bukhu Gamburged...

Produced by Richard Petkovic for the Cultural Arts Collective

(check out the Festival )



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